Grammar At The Walls, Spelling On The Bed, and Math and Science In Your PJs

Grammar…changing things up a bit and putting categorization extravaganza on the living room walls!!

Will’s decaying banana experiment is showing major differences between the oxygen deprived banana and the one exposed to the air…Yuck!

Algebra, algebra, algebra…

3rd grade physics…

5th grade science demonstrations…

All About Spelling work…

Changes of matter demonstration – have you ever tried microwaving a bar of soap?  Esme has!  Exciting stuff, I tell you!  Unexpected things happen!

Creating and destroying magnets…

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Quiet Weekend (somewhat)

Closing out a quieter weekend than usual…It has been a nice relief for everyone to be just busy enough, but also enjoy hours of “white space” in order to rest and regenerate…

The kids had practice Friday night.  My routine during practice is either to go for a run or get some review/feedback accomplished on the kids’ work.  Friday night was a feedback night in the bleachers, while the kids swam.  Then we had overnight visitors.  

Saturday morning was the Swim-A-Thon for their swim team.  The older two swam over three miles a piece.  The youngest swam over 1.5 miles.  They were proud of themselves and I was a proud mom 🙂

Esme brought home the super marionette that she made in art class last week.  She was happy with how it came out!

Will got some relaxed wall ball time in…

And his science experiment is coming along nicely…the “oxygen-adequate” banana is much more decayed than the “oxygen-deprived” banana…

And I made some new granola this afternoon which always makes the house smell sweet and feel cozy.  

Last night’s movie of choice was Captain Fantastic…so much to ponder and discuss in that one.  Tonight’s cinemagic was Lincoln.  A long one, so we will need to finish it another night.  Also a good one!

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A Peek Into Our Week

The kids have been preparing for their team’s Swim-A-Thon to be held this weekend.

We had a super busy and looooong weekend last weekend with a multi-day swim meet.  Esme discovered that she has a new favorite stroke – backstroke :). All three kids worked HARD!!

We did some cool science projects, like seeing how carbohydrates react to iodine.

One of Esme’s projects for her Tuck Everlasting unit was to create an advertisement selling an Everlasting Life drink.  She used her iPod and GoPro Slice.  It came out fantastic!

We had a fun Valentine’s Day.  This year, we went out to dinner as a family, as, miraculously, nobody had swim or lacrosse practice that night.

We had a healing chicken inside for snuggles all week.

Some All About Spelling was accomplished.

Art projects were completed.

Writing got a little easier.

Homemade pizza was consumed.

Smoothies were made.

I hope you had a great week too!

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Lucky Me

Molly was asked to create an award to give to a hero.  Guess who the was the lucky recipient?

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Parts of Speech

Busy day today – Esme had art class at our local school, then we had our monthly Vermont History for Homeschoolers class in Montpelier, then we headed half way across the state the opposite direction to swim practice at Dartmouth – needless to say, lots of carschooling happened today, but… we did get a few activities accomplished at home before we headed out for the day.  I love how hands on these parts of speech activities are…

And this parts of speech memory game…

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Tuck Everlasting and Matter

Esme is starting the book Tuck Everlasting this week in conjunction with studying matter.  She enjoyed making molecules this morning with clay and toothpicks.

It was also a lot of fun to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen!

In addition, she was asked to consider the pros and cons of drinking a glass of water that would give her everlasting life.  Excellent exercise to facilitate interesting discussions!

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Final Projects & Superbowl 51

Yesterday, Will worked for hours to finish up his presentation on ancient Asia.  We have started treating unfinished work for the day as homework that night or over the weekend.  Possibly because he was used to homework prior to homeschooling, he is taking the whole thing very seriously.  He said it felt great to present and be able to move on.  Next up in social studies…Asia today – should be A LOT to learn!

And, of course, there was a great deal of excitement around here last night for football snacks… 

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World War II, Ancient Asia, and Fantasy Writing

Esme finished up the last of her current unit yesterday.  She read Number the Stars by Lois Lowry for language arts and studied World War I and II for social studies this round.  Boy did she learn a ton!

We had a blast playing her final project game based on WWII.  It led us to many discussions, further research and fact checking, then down the road to the Cold War over lunch break.  This homeschooling gig offers our family the gift of never ending meaningful learning opportunities.

Will is thoroughly enjoying his final project for his current unit.  He is working on a PowerPoint presentation and script in Microsoft Word on ancient Asia.  He also read A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park for language arts and studied ecology for the science piece of this unit.

Molly has been making great strides in a variety of skills.  Yesterday’s academic joy was her fantasy writing project.  Writing projects  have not been her favorite undertaking.  I believe that she may be comparing herself to her older siblings and wishing she could jump straight to their skill level.  Today, she planned, then wrote a rough draft using a writing rubric for a three paragraph fantasy writing piece.  She included a number of new vocabulary words in her work. We worked on editing her work together, then she produced a final draft of which she can be proud!

We use and love Moving Beyond the Page.

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Waterpolo, Valentine’s, and Writing

The kids LOVE  the periodic waterpolo night at swim practice! 

A couple of friends have gotten off the bus at our house over the last couple of days to hang then head to swim practice together… Valentine-making seemed like a perfect afternoon project one day. 

Although the boys have been more excited to play Axis and Allies each afternoon 😉

Oh, and Will made it through his compare and contrast essay yesterday morning…he is not super thrilled about the process or the product, but it was an excellent exercise in pushing through multiple edits on a project to the end that you HAVE to complete even if it is not something you WANT to do…

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Writing Process

Sisters pleasure reading and working on chess strategy after dinner while big brother finishes his daily lessons.  Will is being appropriately responsible for getting his work accomplished daily in order to stay on track for a June completion date for his 7th grade curriculum.  I am so proud of him!  He was feeling pretty exhausted today after a late night return from swim practice last night, followed by after dinner “math with mom”, an early morning for first period art class at the school, then homeschool coop, then work on a paper he was totally un-enthused about…  You know, one of those compare and contrast essays…  And this is coming from a kid who LOVES to write.  Usually he adores the papers he is required to write for his moving beyond the page curriculum, but this one?  Not so much.  Still, I think he will be extremely proud of himself tomorrow when he edits, rewrites, and produces a final draft and ends up with a tolerable product…

Brainstorming process…

Frustration high tonight…

Yes, the (temporary) title of his essay was “Boring Essay”.

Meanwhile, he keeps asking why he can’t write an essay on Denmark’s role in WWII like his sister got to write the other day.  Well…you got to write that essay last year.  And you are not studying WWII in your current lesson.  You are focusing on ancient Asia.  

My mantra tonight: He will get through this.  He will be an even stronger writer when this is complete.

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