Carschooling, Math, Hens, & Swim Races

Busy week as usual here at Short Street Academy (the informal name my mom has labeled our little homeschool)…

Carschooling has been necessary on trips back and forth to classes and sports practices…

Molly has started weight conversions – kilograms to grams and back again…this hands on scale has been very helpful!

Once again, I am thrilled to see her whip out the dictionary without batting an eye and look up her vocabulary words, making index cards when cued to do so, and using them in writing projects.  How far she has come!

Esme had some important races this past weekend…  She was invited to swim freestyle for her team’s relays at the New England Championships for the 10 & under age group.  She was quite honored and swam beautifully!

Had fun snapping silly chicken photos during coop duties…

Grateful to those ladies for the opportunity to make so many quiches of various fillings…yum!

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