Quiet Weekend (somewhat)

Closing out a quieter weekend than usual…It has been a nice relief for everyone to be just busy enough, but also enjoy hours of “white space” in order to rest and regenerate…

The kids had practice Friday night.  My routine during practice is either to go for a run or get some review/feedback accomplished on the kids’ work.  Friday night was a feedback night in the bleachers, while the kids swam.  Then we had overnight visitors.  

Saturday morning was the Swim-A-Thon for their swim team.  The older two swam over three miles a piece.  The youngest swam over 1.5 miles.  They were proud of themselves and I was a proud mom 🙂

Esme brought home the super marionette that she made in art class last week.  She was happy with how it came out!

Will got some relaxed wall ball time in…

And his science experiment is coming along nicely…the “oxygen-adequate” banana is much more decayed than the “oxygen-deprived” banana…

And I made some new granola this afternoon which always makes the house smell sweet and feel cozy.  

Last night’s movie of choice was Captain Fantastic…so much to ponder and discuss in that one.  Tonight’s cinemagic was Lincoln.  A long one, so we will need to finish it another night.  Also a good one!

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