A Peek Into Our Week

The kids have been preparing for their team’s Swim-A-Thon to be held this weekend.

We had a super busy and looooong weekend last weekend with a multi-day swim meet.  Esme discovered that she has a new favorite stroke – backstroke :). All three kids worked HARD!!

We did some cool science projects, like seeing how carbohydrates react to iodine.

One of Esme’s projects for her Tuck Everlasting unit was to create an advertisement selling an Everlasting Life drink.  She used her iPod and GoPro Slice.  It came out fantastic!

We had a fun Valentine’s Day.  This year, we went out to dinner as a family, as, miraculously, nobody had swim or lacrosse practice that night.

We had a healing chicken inside for snuggles all week.

Some All About Spelling was accomplished.

Art projects were completed.

Writing got a little easier.

Homemade pizza was consumed.

Smoothies were made.

I hope you had a great week too!

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