World War II, Ancient Asia, and Fantasy Writing

Esme finished up the last of her current unit yesterday.  She read Number the Stars by Lois Lowry for language arts and studied World War I and II for social studies this round.  Boy did she learn a ton!

We had a blast playing her final project game based on WWII.  It led us to many discussions, further research and fact checking, then down the road to the Cold War over lunch break.  This homeschooling gig offers our family the gift of never ending meaningful learning opportunities.

Will is thoroughly enjoying his final project for his current unit.  He is working on a PowerPoint presentation and script in Microsoft Word on ancient Asia.  He also read A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park for language arts and studied ecology for the science piece of this unit.

Molly has been making great strides in a variety of skills.  Yesterday’s academic joy was her fantasy writing project.  Writing projects  have not been her favorite undertaking.  I believe that she may be comparing herself to her older siblings and wishing she could jump straight to their skill level.  Today, she planned, then wrote a rough draft using a writing rubric for a three paragraph fantasy writing piece.  She included a number of new vocabulary words in her work. We worked on editing her work together, then she produced a final draft of which she can be proud!

We use and love Moving Beyond the Page.

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